Social Connections

Social Connections

Connect with other simmers in our growing community through Discord, Facebook Groups, Twitch Streams and YouTube Channels. Download custom scenery and liveries to enhance your flying experience.


Online Multiplayer

Fly to/from Bangladesh and surrounding area with us in VATSim. Participate in many international events. Pick up prizes in competitions. Meet our ATC Controllers and have start a voice chat.

Virtual Airlines

Virtual Airlines

Jump Into the Pilot seat and start flying passengers or ferry cargos in our Virtual Airlines. Gain experience, ranks, increase your reputation and virtual money.


Pilot Training

We have experienced flight simmers and real world pilots ready to assist your with flying/ATC either you are brand new or an advance simmer who wants to take your skill to next level.

Who We Are?

Flight simmer from casual to hardcore!

Who We Are

We are a group of flight simulator enthusiast some going back to 1990.

We are geographically dispersed in Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, USA, Canada, and around the world but virtually connected as one community.

We are non profit and our goal is to promote flight simulation and support developers/artist to develop for South Asian region.

We are also platform agnostic and welcome all users of X-Plane, Microsoft Flight Simulator, P3D, etc.

What We Do?

We take flight sim to the next level

  • Authentic Scenery & Liveries
  • Our members created a wide range of custom sceneries and airplane liveries for airports and airliners in South Asia.
  • Organized Group Events
  • VATSim Bangladesh Discord Group organizes weekly group flying event and also staff the airports in the area.
  • Virtual Airlines Pax/Cargo Ops
  • Testing under way for our upcoming grand opening of our BD Virtual Airlines
  • Fly with Experts
  • Join our regular shared cockpit session with experienced simmers. You can learn about proper procedures and how to interact in VATSim first hand.
  • Connect with our social media
  • Watch member live stream, chill out in Discord, share your screenshots and video in our Facebook Groups!

What we bring?

We help enrich your flight simulator experience from South Asia to the World

What we bring

Fly Authentic

Fly Together

Fly with Purpose

Fly with Experienced players